note to self

January 18, 2018

“Most investors tend to get excited about stock investing after the market has been going up for many years and valuations are generally well above average. Conversely, they tend to withdraw assets from the market and become very negative toward stock investing during and in the immediate years after a large stock market decline. A general piece of advice I would offer to all stock investors is to maximize their investments during years when the stock market is hated and minimize their investments when stock investing is popular and the bull market is the subject of newspaper headlines and magazine covers.”


“What if the Cuban missile crisis had gone badly?”

November 26, 2015

quite an interesting read, as most of the other stuff over there.


“(…)During the last days of the standoff, sixty-plus B-52 bombers were in the air carrying nuclear payloads at any given time; one technical or communications glitch could have meant catastrophe. A Russian submarine lost communication with the surface, assumed war had broken out, and almost launched its own nuclear torpedo. According to an Air Force vet who’s only recently come forward, at one point launch orders were sent by mistake to U.S. missile bases at Okinawa. The crews didn’t comply only because a commanding officer noticed enough irregularities in protocol to investigate further.”


Good old Straight Dope.

Casa – Inverno de 13/14 (photoset)

February 25, 2014






Matagal atras da casa, inicio do inverno




Galpao nao-utilizado




Vista Lateral




                          Fundos da casa / Laje de churrascos




Gato na cama




Cadeira / Vista da laje de churrascos




Galpao (angulo 2)


DSC_0575 (2)a


                           Porta Lateral (neve recem-cavada)

DSC_0576 (2)a


Carro apos nevasca


DSC_0582 (2)a


                          Carro apos nevasca (angulo 2)




Sala adjacente (vista da cozinha)




Cozinha / Corredor de entrada (vista da sala adjacente)




                          Sala de Jantar




                         Sala de Estar / Candelabro




                          Sala de Estar / Clarinete




                         Porta, Corredor






                         Porao / Estudio (1)




                          Porao / Estudio (2)




 Poster (detalhe)




                          Casa das Maquinas




                          Porao / Cozinha inacabada




                          Porao (workbench/deposito)




                         Porao / Mesa de Soldagem




                          Porao / Estudio (3)




                          Mesa de Soldagem (pedal aberto)


DSC_0666a                          Porao / Estudio (4)




life advice prus ratao.

December 27, 2013

God Entity: Bender, being God isn’t easy. If you do too much, people get dependent on you. And if you do nothing, they lose hope. You have to use a light touch, like a safecracker or a pickpocket.

Bender: Or a guy who burns down a bar for the insurance money.

God Entity: Yes, if you make it look like an electrical thing. When you do things right, people won’t be sure you’ve done anything at all.



Familia d’Almeida, produzindo vinhos e fundando clubes de futebol

October 19, 2013

‘António Nicolau d’Almeida nasceu no ano de 1873 tendo falecido em 1948. Foi o fundador e o primeiro presidente do Futebol Clube do Porto.’

‘Dentro da maior privacidade realizou-se o primeiro treino, em 8 de outubro de 1893, no Campo do Prado de Matosinhos, contra um grupo de Aveiro que ensinou os primeiros passos ao clube. Jogaram António Nicolau d´Almeida, Mac Kechnie, Arthur Rumsey, Lacy Rumsey, Romualdo Torres, Chamberes, Fernando Nicolau d´Almeida, Albert Casselles, Albert Kendall, Alfred Kendall, Edward Kendall, A. Nugent, F.H Ponsonly e Mac Geock.’$fernando-nicolau-de-almeida;jsessionid=dSiT+aPAYVFgwApPSsGSiw__



Ira Glass – Commencement Speech

December 27, 2012

muy interessante Ira Glass (o cara do ‘this american life’) commencement speech, assistirdes.

Daniil Kharms

March 3, 2012

Now I want to sleep, but I have no intention of doing so. What I shall do is take paper and pen and write. I feel in myself a terrible force. I thought the whole thing through yesterday: it will be a short story about a miracle-worker who lives in our times and does not perform miracles. He knows he is a miracle-worker and can perform any miracle he likes, but he does not do so. When he is forced to move from his flat, he knows he has only to wave his little finger and the flat will remain his, but he does not do so; instead, he submissively leaves, and goes to live outside the city in a shack. This shack he is capable of turning into a beautiful house of brick, but he does not do so: he continues living in the shack and eventually dies, not having performed, in the course of his entire life, a single miracle.


from “The Old Woman”

melhor product review de todos os tempos

February 3, 2012

Dean Camen, the inventor of the Segway Scooter claimed that this could revolutionize transport as we know it. Well only for the skinny person! I bought two Segway scooters for me and my better 2/3’s, my wife. We waited a few weeks for them to be shipped to my farm, as UPS seems to think that all of the items we buy on the Home Shopping Network are NOT of importance to expedite. UPS refuses to send anything overnight to my property. So before I got the scooters, I planned a vacation with me and my wife with the full intention of bringing my new scooters with us. We were going to Oklahoma City, Men’s Fitness magazine’s “Fattest City in America” ([…]). Of course we figured that the sidewalks would be wide enough for the scooters, as it is Americas fattest city! We also figured that my “Pudgy Love Bacon” (she loves when I speak sexy to her) would feel comfortable in the city, as others should be more understanding of her plight, considering they are all larger, statistically, then the rest of America. After getting the scooters shipped to me, I started the two day journey to lube up my wife to get her out of the house. Its a tough job, and requires more lube then a female wrestling match, some farm equipment and some heavy lights (She blocks the sun in certain positions). What I thought was that I would place the scooter right at the edge of the exit of the house, so that when she had enough force from being pulled by the tractor, she would be able to lift her legs to get up onto the scooter. It wasn’t that we were going to ride the scooters all the way from my home to Oklahoma City, but I did pay thousands for the things, and I wanted to make sure it worked for her, before I could return them in the 30 day period they allow you to return them in. So after some major work, we got my “Grizzle Eater” on the Segway. The first issue was that only one of her legs fully fit on the thing. The platform was not wide enough. Then I thought I would just place my second Segway behind her, and she could place her second leg on it, but before I was able to bring the second Segway around the first one buckled and broke apart. The salesman didn’t mention that there were weight restrictions and when I tried to take the thing back, Segway wouldn’t take the scooter back. My better 2/3’s was pissed, and after it took another 2 days to get her back in the house, she refused to leave and we didn’t go on vacation. Segway Scooters you screwed up my marriage, and my vacation!!!

jesus freak

January 27, 2012

 “Victoria Jackson hurtles through intersections and down side streets while using her left hand to hold a Flip cam to her face. The inside of her car—a weathered Honda Civic with “Nobama,” Marco Rubio, and Tea Party bumper stickers—smells like it has been fumigated with sweet incense. Steering with elbows and the occasional pinkie, she opens a Bible inscribed with her name and quotes Scripture in her inimitable high-pitched voice. Then she turns the camera on a reporter riding shotgun. She suspects he’s a socialist. “Don’t you think that some people are on welfare from cradle to grave,” she demands, “because the government is encouraging them never to work?”

“At age 52, Victoria Jackson bears little resemblance to that lithe and sweetly dopey girl with the grating voice on Saturday Night Live. And you wouldn’t recognize her from those eight mostly forgettable ’80s and ’90s feature films, such as I Love You to Death and No More Baths. She’s more plump. Or as Howard Stern recently put it, she “looks like she ate Victoria Jackson.” “


land of the free

January 27, 2012

United States
We received a request from a local law enforcement agency to remove YouTube videos of police brutality, which we did not remove. Separately, we received requests from a different local law enforcement agency for removal of videos allegedly defaming law enforcement officials. We did not comply with those requests, which we have categorized in this Report as defamation requests.

The number of content removal requests we received increased by 70% compared to the previous reporting period.
The number of user data requests we received increased by 29% compared to the previous reporting period.


And US ranks 47th on the Press Freedom Index 2011-2012

o tempero da vida (dialogo com a nasa)

September 23, 2011

é quando um satelite meteorologico desativado do tamanho d’um onibus graúdo vai reentrar na atmosfera da terra nas proximas 36 horas e ninguem (to falando de ti, nasa) sabe exatamente quando ou aonde ele vai cair.

mas diz a nasa que …the satellite will not be passing over North America during that time period..

mas com o resto do mundo ninguem se importa, não?

é por isso que o mundo odeia voces, nasa (correto, mundo?)


as chances de um ser humano levar um satélite na cabeça são de 1 para 32.000. as chances de TU levar um satélite na cabeça são de 1 para 220,800,000,000,000.

as chances de ganhar na loteria são de 1 para 90,000,000 (variando de acordo com a densidade demografica e numero de pessoas sem nenhuma noção de estatistica por regiao) e as chances de ser atingido por um raio são de 1 para 2,650,000 (variando de acordo com a época do ano), mas ainda assim eu fico meio cabreiro com essa irresponsabilidade juvenil da nasa (satélite aleatório caindo e os caras-de-jaleco-branco fingindo que não é nada de mais, sério? “oh, provavelmente vai cair na água”)

fala isso pro peixe e ve a cara de faceiro dele, mlk.

é por isso que tão sistematicamente, ano após ano, cortanto o orçamento de voces, galere. vamo se ligá*

* – sem citar o fato de que os planos pro saturn 5, o foguete que nos salvaria do destino dos dinossauros, foram jogados fora num FAXINÃO pela tia da limpeza da nasa. e agora, como que a gente vai explodir bomba atomica no espaço?

bom trabalho, pessoal.

melhor resposta

September 17, 2011

An acupuncturist wishes to make a (heh-heh) point
Dear Cecil:

As a practicing acupuncturist I would like to add something to your recent discussion of acupuncture. First of all, it is not completely correct to say that “no entirely satisfactory explanation for acupuncture has yet been offered.” Traditional acupuncture theory, which involves the body’s intricate meridian system and regulation of qi/energy flow, is a very satisfactory and usable explanation of the therapy’s effectiveness.

Second, while endorphin release or nerve junction theories may explain some aspects of acupuncture mechanics, they cannot account for the broad spectrum of illnesses which have been found to respond well to acupuncture treatment, including such diverse problems as bronchitis, menstrual irregularities, depression and high blood pressure, to name but a few. Hopefully future research will enable us to integrate traditional acupuncture theory with modern medical concepts to the satisfaction of health care practitioners in both East and West.

— Dan P., AcT., Chicago

Cecil replies:

“Traditional acupuncture theory” is a quaint patchwork of folklore with about as much relevance to current medical practice as medieval European notions about the four bodily humors. While it may be useful as a guide to future research, no scientist would regard it as satisfactory as it stands.

relevante II

January 6, 2011

Assis convoca coletiva e Ronaldinho afirma: “Hoje vou jantar”
Quinta 06 | 16h30

Craque reuniu jornalistas no Copacabana Palace e anunciou cardápio.

Na tarde desta quarta, Ronaldinho e Assis convocaram imprensa mundial para anunciar o cardápio da noite de hoje: peixe assado.

– Hoje vou comer um peixinho. Comida leve pra não pesar na balada. Mas to feliz, to contente – afirmou o craque.

Assis, irmão e empresário completou:

– O Ronaldo hoje jantará por volta das oito da noite. Amanhã, por volta do meio-dia deve almoçar – encerrando a coletiva.

melhor jornal, esse O Bairrista. quase um THE ONION gaucho.


January 6, 2011

lista interessante (2a. posicao é a campea moral, claramente)

Farveste nos melhores do ano Sinewave

December 18, 2010

link para download

faixa 5, gandhi.

Forced ARTificial Scarcity

December 4, 2010

That’s what ACTA is about. This massive worldwide treaty would bring the hammer down on anyone violating intellectual property laws. Everyone on the Internet hates it because we know it 1) would have to be incredibly invasive, to the point of basically peering into everyone’s hard drive at any moment for signs of contraband, and 2) is futile. It’s a leaking ship trying to stay afloat by threatening the ocean with its cannons.

soul of the ghost

November 6, 2010

#922982 +(2516)- [X]
lemonlimeskull: So I’m sitting in Hardee’s (Carl’s JR for anyone here one the west coast)
lemonlimeskull: This huge African American dude sits across from me at the booth. Plenty of tables around, of course, since this is Hardee’s.
lemonlimeskull: Since I don’t usually have uninvited guests at fast food restaurants, I’m naturally a bit put off while simultaniously wondering what the deal is.
lemonlimeskull: The guy goes “Hey, man what you do for a living?”
lemonlimeskull: I must’ve looked really confused, but I manage to answer “Game designer… Why?”
lemonlimeskull: The guy sits there for a good thirty seconds, looking out the window over my shoulder.
lemonlimeskull: Then he finally looks me straight on and says “Good, lemme ask you a question…”
lemonlimeskull: “Why don’t Pacman wanna eat eyes?”
lemonlimeskull: I just gave him this really quizzical look, then he gets up and leaves.
lemonlimeskull: After a few seconds of wondering wtf that was all about, I look out the window over my shoulder and see about five police cars slowly driving off into the distance.
lemonlimeskull: The worst part is…… WHY doesn’t Pacman wanna eat eyes?!

Melhor Video

August 14, 2010

Uncle Ringo’s so much cooler

July 21, 2010

M O N O L O G U E S .

– – – –



– – – –

Okay, what’s going on?

Why is everyone staring at me? What is it now? I don’t need another bomb exploding. My life is fucked. I want to go in my room and turn off the lights, kick the walls and rip out pages from my Noddy books.

Oh fantastic, Stupidface is here. Why’s he at the piano? What’s this chair in the middle of the room? Oh Mum, don’t make me sit. Can’t they see this is–

“A little something to ease the pain?” Mum, what is he…?

No… no… not a song. God, not a song. Is he for fucking real? Please let it be an instrumental–


I’ve never wanted to die more than right now. Stop staring at me, all of you. Please stop staring. Stop using that face. I’m not a cancer patient. You all have that face! Rrrgggh!

Remember to let who into my heart? That crazy woman who cooks me piles of rice in the shape of vulvas? I’m not talking to her again. Or does he mean Mum, who’s started lighting fires in the backyard?

Jesus, he looks like a Saint Bernard when he sings, hasn’t anyone ever told him that? Stop with the eyes already, I’m not a 17-year-old tart. And my name is Julian. JULIAN. It’s girly enough already. What are the boys at school going to think of “Jude”? I guess mangling my name was worth it if it saves you two syllables. Lazy bastard.

Mum… ow… stop. She’s practically strangling me. When’s the last time she showered? I wonder if I can get a kitten out of this.

I’m in hell. No question. This smile is burning a hole through my head.

“The movement I need is on my shoulder?” I thought the world was on my shoulders. Did the world take a dump on me? If you’re going to throw in nonsense lyrics, at least make them trippy. They’re looking at me for reactions. How do you react to this? If I laugh, Stupidface will think he’s cheering me up. If I cry, he’ll try even harder. Maybe I can pretend to be sick and run off to the loo. Then duck out the back door.

Jesus Christ on a crutch, HOW LONG IS THIS THING? Oh excellent, he’s forgotten the rest of the words, he’s just singing na-na-na-nahhhh. Maybe that means he’ll end it. Wait, what? Mum, please, no, don’t join in, you’re drunk. Oh fuck me, now they’re all doing it! I’m going to throw this fucking chair in a second. I am not clapping along. No. NO.

Can it be over? Do I dare believe? It’s over, and… he’s waiting for his hug. He’s actually waiting with his arms open.

God, what a prick. Uncle Ringo’s so much cooler.


luto eterno

June 19, 2010

manute bol nao esta mais entre nos