Dança Folclorica do Turcomenistao




parece divertido.


fotos daqui.

8 Responses to “Dança Folclorica do Turcomenistao”

  1. Mir Says:

    hahahaha! que máximo!

    como tu diria, MORRI !

  2. Mir Says:

    O que me faz lembrar que TENHO que “criar jogos do Indio e seu Esquilo”.

    fuckin’ hell.

  3. Pyw Says:

    Me parece uma rica dança! Vou falar com o Cainelli pra usar algum desses passos na noite.

    Ah! Pede ajuda pro Cainelli pra criar as regras do jogo do Indio e do Esquilo. Ele é bom nisso.

  4. Mir Says:

    bendito google.

    taí, squirrel squash game http://www.mausland.de/content/48

    quase um super mario. atentem para a “trilha sonora”

  5. Mir Says:

    acho que não era bem isso o que eles queriam dizer com “jogo do índio”, mas olha o que eu achei:

    Almost every Indian tribe in America played games. Some of the games might of had some religous meaning at some point in time, but later some of them lost it. When the men weren’t hunting, fishing, or working on crafts, they relaxed by playing games. Some of the more popular games included:
    * One of their favorites was lacrosse, a game named by the French. Each player had a racket with which he caught and threw a ball made from a knot of wood. Trained teams of six to eight men attempted to hit the ball into goals set at the end large fields or on the ice in the winter. A game was played from noon until evening and sometimes ended the following day. Teams from different tribes would compete on special days. The people who watched often placed bets on which team would win. The players carefully discussed plans for winning the games, which was fun as well as usefull training for war.
    * Footracing was very popular in many areas. Sometimes they ran over 30 miles on a course.
    * Indians played many different ball games, and in almost all of these you weren’t allowed to touch the ball.
    * Many Indians enjoyed shooting arrows for one of their sports. They used lots of things for targets such as bark, woven grass, or an arrow stuck in a tree.
    * Guessing games were also very popular. In a game called the Hand Game, one or more players on a team held marked sticks in their closed hands. The players sitting across from them, would try to guess where a certain stick was. The side that was hiding the sticks would sing very loudly to confuse the guessers, and both sides bet on the results.

    The women had different games, and they were played separately. Usually only women played a game called shiny, or shinty, was a kind of field hockey game.


  6. Mir Says:

    ah, esse pulinho e essa mãozinha pra cima é MUITO cainelli way of life.

  7. Sean Says:

    iu, – Nie należy. – Ja muszę… Sean – wyjąkał Frodo bezradnie.

    – Ja…
    Wagner pokręcił makówką.
    – Zero jej nie jest – mruknął cichutko.
    – Owe urządzenie mechaniczne… Frodo spojrzał
    nieprzytomnie. – Co ty pier… – zaczął – Wagner, on ją.

    – Zero jej nie jest… – powtórzył Wagner. Odłożył broń plus odciążył niziołkowi
    powstać. – Dostrzeż…
    Mariszka siedziała na tapczanie. Nie zadała samemu
    poniekąd tr.

  8. Kathy Says:

    czął zszywać skórę
    wprawnymi ruchami. Arnold przyglądał Kathy się spośród zainteresowaniem.
    – Fachowo wam brnie spośród tąże dratwą – zauważył.
    Rycerz o
    malutko nie zakłuł się w palec. Dźwignął znad śc.

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