White 20-something #1: Have you heard about the September 11th controversy?
White 20-something #2: No…what?
White 20-something #1: Well, Kanye and 50 Cent are both releasing their new albums on that date and if Kanye outsells 50 then 50 says that he is going to retire from rapping.
White 20-something #2: Wow! That’s controversial.
White 20-something #1: Is it crazy that that’s the new September 11th controversy? Things have really changed since then…
White 20-something #2 (pensive): Or *have* they?
Black guy to friend: Yo, man! Are you listening to this shit?

–L Train


6 Responses to “”

  1. nego Says:


  2. mateus Says:

    yeah, righty-o.

  3. Pyw Says:

    Too crazy to be commented.

    (or should I say “Too Fat to be Gay?)

  4. mir Says:

    e onde estão as datas dos posts?

    ah, o Sandro ainda há de fazer essa camiseta.

    obrigada pela indicação do site, perdi minha tarde lendo isso.
    mas a dúvida é: qual site veio antes, esse ou o conversasfurtadas?


  5. mateus Says:

    eu nao acredito em datas.

    esse, mas um nao sabia do outro, é o que li.

    ah, bjo. como vai a cidade? cheia de magais?

  6. mir Says:

    “nao acredito em datas”. …

    a cidade vai bem, cheia de assaltantes.

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