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2009: é o que tem

December 31, 2008



sempre lembrando que nunca é demais citar humberto.

“o último dia de dezembro é sempre igual ao primeiro de janeiro”





(resolução secreta: citar frases de “anoiteceu em porto alegre” ao menos em cinco ocasiões durante esse novo ano)


porque isso realmente aconteceu

December 30, 2008



December 22, 2008

(…) and there might be more freedom in England, though her feudal lords’ lightest words were worth men’s lives, and though the blood of the vexed husbandman dropped in the furrows of her fields, than there is while the animation of her multitudes is sent like fuel to feed the factory smoke, and the strenght of them is given daily to be wasted into the fineness of a web, or racked into the exactness of a line.

It is verily this degradation of the operative into a machine, which, more than any other evil of the times, is leading the man of the nations everywhere into vain, incoherent, destructive struggling for a freedom of which they cannot explain the nature to themselves. Their universal outcry against wealth, and against nobility, is not forced from them either by the pressure of famine, or the sting of mortified pride. These do much, and have done much in all ages, but the foundations of society were never yet shaken as they are at this day. It is not that men are ill fed, but that they have no pleasure in the work by which they make their bread, and therefore look to wealth as they’re only means of pleasure.


RUSKIN, John – On Art and Life

what goes on

December 20, 2008

ok, a coisa chegou a extremos absurdos. apos sonhar que eu tinha assassinado o murdock* (do esquadrao classe A), hoje eu sonhei que eu tava na casa do santana (tri decadente, ele, sempre bebendo um troço) e ele me mostrava uma placa comemotrativa do show que ele tinha feito no desenho southpark (com a cara do timmy. o sonho envolvia a avenida goethe, tambem, mas disso ja nao me recordo.


* – esse sonho foi foda. foi um sonho sobre culpa, basicamente. nunca matarei ninguem, eu prometo. (no sonho, o murdock trabalhava comigo, em um escritorio)


(ah, sonhei que eu tava ficando careca, tb. claro sinal de demencia)

update da situação II

December 19, 2008

nevando afú, aqui.

pretty neat, flurry snow.

obrigado ao douglas pela british sea power. ótima banda, claramente roque.

teria jesus nascido em junho?

straight dope classic de sexta

December 19, 2008

Dear Cecil:

During the recent Christmas season I saw references everywhere to “Victorian” Christmas celebrations– house tours, store windows, magazine advertisements, etc. I can understand people pining for a simpler time, provided we overlook such details as child labor, Jim Crow laws, and women not having the right to vote. What I wonder is whether people in Victorian times waxed nostalgic about prior eras. Did they have “Federalist” Christmases idealizing the late 1700s? For that matter, did the Federalists have “colonial” Christmases idealizing the late 1600s? Or did prior generations have enough sense to appreciate their own time?

Sense has nothing to do with it. It’s just that, to paraphrase musical philosopher Dan Hicks, you can’t miss it if it won’t go away. Nostalgia, like Rice Chex, antacid tablets, and Dan Rather, is a product of modern urban industrial society, which is continually assaulted by change (AKA progress, for the optimists among us) and where most people have lost their sense of connection to the land. In a traditional agricultural society there’s nothing to get nostalgic about, since you’re still living on the land and yesterday was pretty much the same as today.

Longing for the past dates from the early 19th century, not long after the start of the industrial revolution in England. (The word nostalgia wasn’t widely applied to said longing until after World War I, having previously signified a pathological case of homesickness.) Early promoters of nostalgia included the poet William Wordsworth and the novelist Sir Walter Scott, whose novelIvanhoe (1819) launched a fad for chivalry. Romantic literature appealed to city folk, now a bit disenchanted with urban life (as the philosophes of a previous generation had not been) and thus inclined to a sentimental view of the lost joys of nature, childhood, and the past.



uh, da pra passar horas lendo o straight dope.


Auto Lavanderia

December 18, 2008

A única chance da meias escaparem de uma vida de servir pés, sabendo o quão desagradáveis podem ser os pés. Debut do casaco de inverno e a constante preocupacao em não traumatizá-lo, evitando aguas muito quentes, ciclos muito brutos.

Nunca funciona, porem. Como as secadoras – diferem, todas, entre si. E quando tu chega em casa, tem apena onze meias brancas, uma delas a chorar.

E é sempre essa que perdeu o par.

ten thousand naked santas

December 13, 2008


agora, as we speak, um bando de papais-noeis* estao vagando pelas ruas de manhattan, bebendo e arruinando a infancia de algumas crianças. centenas de santa clauses vagando pelas ruas da cidade com sacos de papel pardo na mao, se confundindo com os mendigos da cidade, porém de forma mais organizada,cantando e belly-laughing. é o santacon, acontecendo em varias cidades simultaneamente, trazendo diversao, aleatoriedade e falta de sentido para o seu dia.

a unica coisa obrigatoria é estar vestido de papainoel (ou elfo, ou rena, ou papainoel zumbi – serio, isso arruinou o meu dia, nada pode ser mais legal que papai-noel zumbi) e beber. boas regras, se me perguntares.

por pura preguiça, colo aqui as guidelines e explicaçoes do site oficial:


Don’t Panic!
Your tiny Santa has lain dormant for almost a year, and will temporarily overtake you – but don’t panic! They will shrivel at the end of a frantic 15 to 48 hour life cycle, gorging on booze, fornicating, and spreading an overwhelming stench of cheer.
What the fuck?
SantaCon is a not-for-profit, non-political, non-religious & non-logical Santa Claus convention, organized and attended for absolutely no reason.
Time: Convention starts at 10am sharp. If you’re late, you’re on your own.
Location: New York City. Starting point will be posted here on Dec 12th at 10pm.
Spread the stench of Christmassy cheer: And not just with your breath;
Bring a canned food item. This year Santa is giving a little something to the food bank. Santa can drop off their can of Creamed Corn at one of the first stops.
Will there be a text application to find and keep up with everyone along the way?Fuck that bullshit. Santa don’t text. BE AT THE 10AM START or call your elvish friends who are. And really, how hard can it be to lose two thousand Santas?
Santa’s Rules:  

  • Santa looks like Santa. HOLIDAY APPAREL IS MANDATORY. A Santa hat is not enough. Get a Santa suit. Buy a Santa suit. Make a Santa suit. Steal a Santa suit. Get creative: be a Secret Santa, a Santasaurus, Candy-cane, a Reindeer, a Chanukah Chicken, a goddamn latke, Stewardess Santa, Knight Rider Santa, Crusty Peace Punk Santa, the occasional Legless Reindeer, Chanukah Squirrel, Emo-Elf, or the Santichrist. 
    Just don’t wear your fucking jeans.
  • Santa acts like Santa. Be jolly. Belly-laugh. Let people sit on your lap. Give out gifts.
  • Santa doesn’t seek media attention. “Ho-ho-ho” is good. “Publicity ho” is lame.
  • Santa doesn’t get arrested. Please remember the FOUR FUCKS:
    1. Don’t fuck with kids.
    2. Don’t fuck with cops.
    3. Don’t fuck with security.
    4. Don’t fuck with Santa. (it’s okay to fuck a Santa)



Santa’s Guidelines:  

    IT’S A LONG DAY, SO BE PREPARED. Here’s some tips to keep your sleigh running.  

  • Eat something.
    Santa is responsible for his own feeding! This is New York City — if reindeer can figure it out, so can you.
  • Stay hydrated & pace yourself.
    Try some water in between your milk and cookies.
  • Bring a MetroCard.
    Santa doesn’t like waiting while hundreds of drunks attempt to use the machines.
  • Santa is responsible for his own inebriation.
    SantaCon is not a bar crawl, it’s a convention. There will be bar stops, but they will be crowded. Santa does not advocate breaking open container laws! Santa’s just sayin’…
  • Pay your own damn bar tab and tip bartenders well for putting up with Santa.
  • Dress warm.
    Wear layers so you’ll be comfortable anywhere from the North Pole to the strippers’ pole.
  • Stay with the group.
    Santa is not texting. Santa is not updating his location. If a Santa drunkenly wanders off or misses the 10am start, he will have to know a friendly Santa to call and help them.
  • Don’t be “that” Santa.
    Your friends want to have fun, not scrape the puke outta your beard or prevent your wasted ass from wandering into traffic.
  • Santa does not make children cry (unless they whine, snivel, or otherwise deserve it).
    Really – If you see kids, give them nice toys, candy, or something pleasant. Feel free to urinate on the parents. Tourists fall somewhere in between the two — adjust depending on their attitude.




se deus nao comer pao na minha vida, la estarei, fotografando, incentivando e bebendo (mas sempre respeitando a open container law).

algum sabado de dezembro do ano passado, por sinal, eu tive a sorte de me deparar com a marcha dos santa bebados, e o azar de nao ter uma camera comigo. hoje isso nao acontecerá.  

p.s. – melhor foto


* – que nem aquele “aonde esta wally?” dos papais-noeis. supertri.

nice rat

December 10, 2008





Hair Metal

December 9, 2008

abertura/encerramento com xuxa seminua no meio das crianças. elma chips e danoninho. gauchao 88 (golaço, na chamada), ZH dominical, vinheta de verao – pmdb gaucho defendia o parlamentarismo, tu ve – e, DEUSDOCEL, O BIGODE DO ROGERIO AMARAL, FALECI – (um pouco antes do minuto 4, nao deixem de ver. e depois da pra ver o lasier tomando choque, ali nos related videos, o que leva so 39 segundos mas melhora o dia de qualquer um), ecologia roots – maldito chile – vinheta superlegal, melhor cabelo do universo, e quem é julio cesar do gueto?

televisao em 88 = razao da vida.


December 1, 2008

muita gente chegando aqui com a busca “carros gigantes” e uma “carros jigantes”

pelas barbas do trifon ivanov, qual é o problema dessas pessoas? eu queria ter mais tempo pra resmungar, mas ainda ta OSCA a situacao, aqui. só to usando o restinho de internete que ainda temos porque todo dia eu me deparo com alguma busca idiota feita por um analfabeto funcional. queria deixar registrado meu desagravo, antes de morrer.

idiotas + internet, saiam daqui.

por sinal, digitei um “matar zumbi comofas” no google, sem nenhum motivo aparente, e o primeiro resultado é grotescamente legalzinho, confiram.