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soul of the ghost

November 6, 2010

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lemonlimeskull: So I’m sitting in Hardee’s (Carl’s JR for anyone here one the west coast)
lemonlimeskull: This huge African American dude sits across from me at the booth. Plenty of tables around, of course, since this is Hardee’s.
lemonlimeskull: Since I don’t usually have uninvited guests at fast food restaurants, I’m naturally a bit put off while simultaniously wondering what the deal is.
lemonlimeskull: The guy goes “Hey, man what you do for a living?”
lemonlimeskull: I must’ve looked really confused, but I manage to answer “Game designer… Why?”
lemonlimeskull: The guy sits there for a good thirty seconds, looking out the window over my shoulder.
lemonlimeskull: Then he finally looks me straight on and says “Good, lemme ask you a question…”
lemonlimeskull: “Why don’t Pacman wanna eat eyes?”
lemonlimeskull: I just gave him this really quizzical look, then he gets up and leaves.
lemonlimeskull: After a few seconds of wondering wtf that was all about, I look out the window over my shoulder and see about five police cars slowly driving off into the distance.
lemonlimeskull: The worst part is…… WHY doesn’t Pacman wanna eat eyes?!